Stylish and comfy outfit in the mountains

❦ Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. ❦ 

Henry David Thoreau

I am that kind of person who dresses well for every occasion. I must feel good in my own skin even I am just at home.  As our personality is reflected by our attire and dressing style, it’s important for us to dress according to the occasion. But along with it, I think comfortable dressing is equally important. We must dress to please and comfort ourselves, not just to please the eye of an observer. So when we drove into this magical, winter wonderland I precisely chose my outfit. It was really a cold winter day and trees looked like majestic creatures; covered in fluffy, white snow and standing so tall. Honestly, I could have simply stared at them all day and be content. Also mountains,  they were absolutely beautiful to see in person. I wanted to share with you guys a photo gallery of our time at this beautiful mountain village and nearby places. If you’re in Slovenia, I truly cannot recommend a visit to these mountains enough. It’s the most dreamy especially in winter time! So that’s why I have chosen this place to make some stylish winter photos.  Enjoy!  ❄ ☃ ❄

Shein Leopard print fuzzy coat
Shein coat Chanel bag
Shein lepard coat saluki dog
Shein fashion style
Shein neon pink exaggerate notch collar faux fur
Shein pink faux fur coat winter
Shein faux fur luxury coat
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