Whittard of Chelsea sweet delights

❦ When you select the right kind of chocolate it is like giving your insides a hug. Everyone needs a chocolate hug. ❦

Jean Kelsey

This time I am introducing you Whittard of Chelsea products. It all begins in 1886 when Walter Whittard at age of 17 quit the family leather business and took a job with a tea trader in London’s bustling city center. Eight years later aged just 25 he opened his own shop in bustling Fleet Street, with a simple philosophy: to “buy the best”. And then everything started.

For me, Whittards favorite products are different flavors of hot chocolate, cookies, and teas. One of my favorite one for sure is Mumbai Spice Hot Chocolate. The creamy base of white hot chocolate is perfectly matched by the aromatic bite of turmeric and cinnamon. With a warm intensity that’s reminiscent of the bustling spice markets of Mumbai, it’s an ideal companion on chilly evenings. I also like a lot Dream Time Hot Chocolate. This much-loved blend melts creamy malted chocolate for memories of midnight feasts, while flavors of chamomile and honey ensure a good nights’ sleep. A chocolate lovers’ lullaby. I received also Luxury Hot Chocolate, Creme Brule and Alice`s Strawberry flavor Hot Chocolate. I must admit that they are all amazing! I adore also their gorgeous butter cookies in their lovely decorated boxes and of course I should mention also their wonderful teas! My favourite ones are Cherry Blossom Green tea with flavouring and Coconut Truffle flavoured white tea! Enjoy the journey through my photos.  🌺

Whittard of Chelsea Teas
Whittard of Chelsea Strawberry White Hot Chocolate
Whittard of Chelsea Alice
Whittard of Chelsea flower
Whittard of Chelsea cookies
Whittard of Chelsea cookies sweet
Whittard of Chelsea green
Whittard of Chelsea Hot Chocolate spice
Whittard of Chelsea Dream time Hot chocolate
Whittard of Chelsea Creme Brule Hot Chocolate
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