Villari`s Luxury Butterfly Tea Set

❦ Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ❦

Nathaniel Hawthorne

I am very happy and proud to be able to present you with a wonderful prestigious butterfly tea set by the Italian brand Villari ~ Each piece of this set is vintage-inspired with springtime exuberance. Gorgeously rounded curves lend classical appeal, while the winged creatures are dotted around the body in an array of pastel hues with a final one perched on the lid, ready to flutter off into the sky. All collection is inspired by the poetic dance of butterflies during the spring. Everything is handpainted with delicate pastel tones and opulent 24-karat gold. Italian-crafted from the finest porcelain. This set is an elegant accompaniment to your next afternoon tea. The firm of Villari was established in the late 1960s. Cesare and Silvia themselves mold the models and prototypes, which are then faithfully reproduced by their talented team. Their work is not inspired exclusively by Capodimonte Porcelain, but also by the Italian Baroque style. Where individual pieces are concerned, it must be stressed that every single figure is finished in the finest detail using costly paint based on special oils extracted from firtrees and lavender. Each item comes with a Certificate of Origin, which guarantees its provenance and that it is made entirely by hand using authentic materials. I hope you will enjoy the photos below. 🌸 🦋 🌸

Villari Italia
Villari pastel flower
Villari butterfly
Villari butterfly set
Villari rose blossom
Villari luxury tea pot
Villari butterfly detail
Villari Italy butterfly tea cup
Villari butterfly tea cups
Villari 7
Villari tea cup butterfly
Villari Italy luxury tea Collection

Butterfly Luxury Tea Set: Villari

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