Sylvie flirty lingerie by Sylvie Designs

❦ I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour. ❦

Alice Temperley

We can find styles that speak to us, who we are, our personalities, and our sense of personal style. Some of us like to wear matching sets, while others just mix and match products that make us feel good or serve a specific purpose. It is true that the foundation of our outfits can alter how we feel in our clothes. If our bra sits right and gives us the lift we need, then we’ll fill out our tops correctly without bulges that don’t actually exist. If we wear a seamless panty with a slim-fitting skirt, we’ll avoid panty lines that don’t complement our assets. This time I received many different products from Sylvie Designs. At first, I wasn`t sure if lingerie will be a perfect fit for my body. But I must say that I was impressed and I still am how amazing and how lovely products Sylvie Designs have. The owner of this brand is a classy lady Sylvie Meis. I also love this brand because there are so many little details which make an outfit look even better. Lovely ribbons, lace, and other little details are just a cherry on top. Even the colors are just gorgeous. You can choose from many different pastel colors to more conservative one. But still, everything looks so playful and chic. I am a perfectionist and I always want to have everything in order even no one can see it and only I know. That`s why for me is very important to have a lingerie that I feel really comfortable too. It is not just the look but it must be also functional which Sylvie Designs really is.

If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it’ll show through despite how fabulous your outfit might be. This attitude is one we all need to have. At the end of the day, we are always with ourselves, and so it’s vital for us to do things that make us happy despite what anyone else thinks, regardless of what role they play our lives. Even it`s just a nice pair of lingerie. Whatever makes us feel sexy is the type of lingerie we need to be wearing. 🎀

Sylvie designs bra
Sylvie designs night lingerie dress
Sylvie designs flirty lingerie set
Sylvie designs blue dress
Sylvie Designs night dress 37
Sylvie Designs Flirty lingerie tulips bra
Sylvie Flirty Lingerie by Sylvie Designs colorful pants
Sylvie Designs Flirty Lingerie pastel blue kimono
Sylvie Fliry Lingerie by Sylvie Designs bed teddy
Sylvie designs Flirty lingerie kimono
Sylvie Flirty Lingerie by Sylvie Designs ballet shoes
Sylvie designs blue night lace dress


Sylvie Designs Flirty Lingerie

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