Sublime Charbonnel et Walker Easter Sweet Delights

❦ Chocolate is food from the gods; it’s energy, vitality, oneness. ❦

Murray Langham

Eating chocolate can be one of the most pleasurable things in the world of course with your favorite kind of chocolate. My favorite chocolate brand so far is the Luxurious Charbonnel et Walker brand. Every time when they sent me some new products I am thrilled with their quality and unique design! Their design is so chic and lovely at the same time! This year they gifted me with amazing Easter sweet delights. The packaging is so adorable as you will see below in the pictures. I received: Marvellous White Chocolate Easter Egg with Pink Marc De Champagne TrufflesEaster Oval Strawberries & Cream Mini Truffle Eggs Gift Box, an adorable Peter Rabbit  Milk, and white chocolate books box and lovely Easter chic filled with delicious speckled milk Chocolate Mini Easter Eggs. They all taste heavenly but this year’s new flavor for me is Easter Oval Strawberries & Cream Mini Truffle eggs which are really divine! The whole packaging is outstanding as always. Each gift box is presented in rich ruby red and illustrated with joyful rabbits and Spring flowers at this special time of year. All the information you can find also on their beautiful website, enjoy! 🌷🐰🌷

Charbonnel et Walker Easter champagne truffles
Charbonnel et Walker sweets
Charbonnel et Walker 7
Charbonnel et Walker Easter 28
Charbonnel et Walker Easter egg 28
Charbonnel et Walker Peter Rabbit 5
Charbonnel et Walker Easter Chic 10
Charbonnel et Walker Easter Chic 77
Charbonnel et Walker Easter chocolate eggs

Luxurious Sweet Delights: Charbonnel et Walker