Spring blossom garden

❦ A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different. And there’s room in the garden for every flower.❦ 

Marianne Williamson

Hi, beautiful people. I love the variety of the seasons, but there is something extra magical about spring, especially when you’ve endured a very long, grey wet winter, as we have. Spring is our reward after the winter, with its lighter evenings, blue skies, sunshine, and knowing that there’s still the glory of the summer stretching ahead.

This time I visited an amazing botanical garden. I was like a little girl dancing with balloons on the field with tulips. It was my special day, I was celebrating my birthday too. And this year I was really lucky because the weather was just so perfect. It was warm and sunny just like the summer is already here. I wore a beautiful polka dot dress without tights and it was still very warm. I put sandals on my feet but later I changed them for some beautiful nude color ballerinas. This was a special gift from Lovet brand.

This visit to a botanical garden for me was such an inspiration. It was a food for my body & soul. I was happy, smiling all the time. The air was filled with a scented smell and beautiful Magnolia trees were everywhere with their big treetops. I felt like a princess in a big secret garden.

Because I adore tulips I made also many lovely photos of my perfect outfit. I love tulips for lots of different reasons. They come after the snowdrops and daffodils, overlapping with bluebells, chiming with the longer days.  With their vivid colors, they eschew the delicacy of the snowdrop, the sameness of the daffodil – they are bold, jaunty, intense. Their arrival announces – spring is here. I hope you will enjoy this beautiful walk through a blossoming spring botanical garden. Enjoy! 🌷

Colorful tulips botanical garden
Spring boranical garden sunglasses
Spring botanical red ballons
Spring botanical garden purple tulips
Botanical spring garden mix tulips
Spring botanical garden house
Magical yellow tulip garden
Spring flower garden magic
Spring botanical garden statue

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