Natura Eco Camp

❦ The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. ❦

John Muir

Hello, beautiful people. This summer I also visited amazing Natura Eco Camp – in Kranjska Gora. I was sleeping in an amazing Luxury safari tent. But there are many other accommodations too. You can rent also a Luxury tree tent, their small tent or you can bring your own. It is just close enough to deep forests to arouse your primal instincts and just far enough from the city to still feel like you’re at home. If you’re a self-sufficient camper, freely bring your own stuff. If you would like to stay in a safari tent, everything will be taken care of – just bring your luggage. Everything else will be provided for in the camp Kranjska Gora. There’s plenty to do: besides camping, hiking, and visiting Kranjska Gora, you can also arrange a group hike during which we will pick herbs and get to know the local wildlife. The camp welcomes you from June 1st to October 1st. Of course, the visit depends on the weather conditions.

The camp is app. 500 meters away from Kranjska Gora, 50-minute drive from Ljubljana, and app. 40-minute drive from Jože Pučnik airport.

This time I was also gifted by Amerii luxurious handmade rattan handbags brand.  You can also see in the photo below!

It was a perfect place to stay at night beneath the stars. Enjoy!

natura eco camp informations
natura eco camp bed
Natura eco camp luxury safari tent
Natura Eco Camp Kranjska Gora swing
natura eco camp swing
natura eco camp tear drop tent
natura eco camp flowers
Natura eco camp quote
natura eco camp lights
natura eco camp
Natura Eco Camp rabbit
natura eco camp
Natura eco camp outside
Natura Eco Camp Kranjska Gora hedgehog
Natura eco camp night
natura eco camp lake jasna
Natura eco camp lake jasna mountains
Natura Eco Camp Lake Jasna
natura eco camp sup
Amerii hand bag
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