Magical Autumn in pastels

❦ October had a tremendous possibility. The summer’s oppressive heat was a distant memory, and the golden leaves promised a world full of beautiful adventures. They made me believe in miracles. ❦

Sarah Guillory



There’s one time of year that trumps all other times. It is the mark of new beginnings and is nothing short of magical. No season can compare to fall, and here’s why:

It’s cool, but not cold. There’s nothing better than being able to leave the house with just a light jacket or sweatshirt. The weather is nice enough for you to be outside without bundling up and it’s a comfortable cool after sweating all summer long. Cute clothes, sweaters, jeans, boots, flannels, scarfs, leggings, and cardigans are among the fall favorites that are both functional and flattering outfit choices for a cool October day. As you will see in the photos below this time I have chosen chic Chanel look in my favorite pastel colors. The clothes were just a perfect match for my autumn walk in the park.

Pumpkin Spice Overload it is the epitome of fall flavors! Whether it’s in our drinks, desserts, or sweet treats, we all love to enjoy a little pumpkin spice when Autumn comes around. I adore Chai Latte with cinnamon too. 

The trees and leaves are breathtaking. All of the leaves on the trees turn red, yellow, orange, and brown and then drop to the ground, leaving the world a beautiful hue that screams autumn. Park had a  scenery that can make anyone stop and stare at its beauty. And raking leaves just to jump in the piles is an added joy of fall. Enjoy on my walk through beautiful autumn nature! 🍁 🍂

Shein autumn color style
Shein fall pastel tweed pink dress cute view
Shein fashion castle walk
Lotus flower lake
Shein Autumn boat
Shein studed heels
Shein fashion set
Shein forest walk