Luxury getaway to Budapest

❦ Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ❦


Impressed by enthusiasm, I finally visited Budapest, which I always wanted. It’s just a five-hour drive away from my homeland.

I stayed at the beautiful luxurious apartment Enzo Capo Luxury suites in the very heart of the city center.

A luxurious suite left me speechless. Large crystal chandeliers rolled off the ceiling, and when I stepped on the balcony, I had a beautiful view of the largest synagogue in Europe. The apartment had a loft on which there was a huge bed with a bath. So that when I arrived, I could muddle in a sparkling bath, which gave me the impetus for exploring Budapest rejuvenated.

I went to the city center where there were full streets with cafes and restaurants. Then I went across the chain bridge to the castle where I had an amazing view of the Parliament. Fisherman`s Bastion was just magical. I went also to a souvenir shop where I bought some Hungarian products for my family.

In the evening, a Hungarian fairy tale happened. I went to the most beautiful cafe in the world Cafe New York. I felt like I was actually in heaven. Live piano music was heard in the hall and it was magical. The New York Palace, built in eclectic Italian Renaissance-style and opened on October 23rd, 1894, gives a home to the New York Palace Boscolo Hotel. The cafe, along with a restaurant and a cigar bar is now part of the hotel which is magnificent. Enjoy my journey through Budapest with pictures!

Enzo Capo luxury suites loft bath
Enzo Capo luxury suites bath loft view
Enzo Capo luxury suite bath
nzo Capo luxury suites blue dress
Enzo Capo luxury suites dance
Enzo Capo luxury suites eat
Enzo Capo luxury suites loft dress
Enzo Capo luxury suites stairs heels walk
Budpest balcony synagoga view
Enzo Capo luxury sinagoga view
Budapest castle walk
Budapest castle walk stairs
Budapest Parliament
Caffee New York Budapest
Cafe New York Budapest latte
Caffee New York Budapest Me
Caffee New York Budapest sweet
Caffee New York Budapest walk
Caffee New York Budapest restaurant
Hotel New York Palace Budapest
Caffee New York Budapest lobby
St. Stephen’s Basilica doors Budapest

St. Stephen’s Basilica is the largest church of Budapest. It has magnificent walls and ceilings. Construction of the basilica began in 1851. The building was finished in Neo-classicist style in 1905, following 54 years of planning. Similarly to the Parliament, it is 96 meters high, which makes it the highest building in Budapest. Its capacity is 8.000 persons. The interior is characterized by rich ornamentation; the huge windows radiate dignity. This place of Catholic worship was named after St. Stephen, the first Christian King of Hungary.

St. Stephen's basilica Budapest
St. Stephen's basilica budapest angels
St. Stephen's basilica Budapest candlestick