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Hello, beautiful people. This time I visited beautiful Rovinj in Croatia. The little fisherman town of Rovinj has been on my radar since my visit to Istria last summer. I went to most of the main towns on the peninsula, but I didn’t make it to Rovinj which has been named one of the most beautiful coastal towns by Travel and Leisure Magazine.Rovinj’s old town is, without a doubt, the most impressive and charming part of town. Aside from the smooth, shiny marble cobblestone streets and pastel-colored houses, this part of Rovinj is renowned for its beautiful Venetian architecture.

Rovinj was once part of the Venetian Republic (from 1283 to 1797) until Napoleon Bonaparte arrived and put an end to the millennium of Venetian power in the Adriatic and beyond. When you walk around town, you’ll spot the Venetian lions everywhere, like on the Balbi Arch, the late-Renaissance clock tower, and the wells.

I have a privilege to stay at amazing LuX Apartment Piazza – in the center of Rovinj. Apartment Piazza has a prime location on the main square, in the middle of all happenings and close to everything in the city. You can see by yourself bellow on the photos. I highly recommend this amazing apartment with Venetian details and all the decoration inside. Every detail was in its place. King size bed, a  huge pile of pillows and really comfy blankets. The owner of this apartment was very friendly and I am so thankful that I have a privilege to stay at this apartment. Enjoy!

Piazza Rovinj

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escape to Rovinj
escape to Rovinj
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