Latte art



❦ Behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness of the atmosphere. ❦

Henry David Thoreau



Hello, nice people, this time I visited a fairly popular and interesting bar to me. Not only because of good coffee, but also because of the interior itself, which is a bit extra. Here a barista prepares a special painting on coffee, called latte art. I prefer white coffee without caffeine.

“Latte art” is a special skill, method, the method of creating samples and motifs on the surface of coffee when preparing coffee with milk at the coffee machine. It focuses on the surface, the form, not the content, the taste of coffee. The first creative attempts are to originate in Italy. In the first place, it is important that coffee is good, and often it is also considered a gentle look, so ‘latte art’ is a skill that beautifies the hot drink.

The easiest thing is to make a flower or a honey, but much like the heart, bird, and face. Milk fat is not very important, protein content is essential. It is possible to draw. There should not be half a cup of milk in the milk with milk, but only the upper part. Therefore, it is necessary to make a liquid foam. For good coffee, you have to have a good product, excellent raw material or coffee. The important thing is the whole process, ingredients, and appliance that contains water softener, because the water in Slovenia is very hard, and the pressure is greatly appreciated by the appliance. Today I got a beautiful bear painting. Do you like it? If I’m sincere, it made me daydreaming. Enjoy!

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