Charbonnel et Walker Chocolatier

❦ The soul of sweet delight can never be defiled. ❦

 William Blake


Since I have always been a fan of chocolate in all possible ways, I decided to write something about one of my favorite chocolatier brand.

Charbonnel et Walker was founded in 1875 and it is one of the first and finest British chocolatiers.

This time, I present you two beautiful Charbonnel et Walker products.

A beautifully designed heart-shaped box contains Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Mini hearts, which taste is divine. Truffles melt in the mouth. They are lightly dusted with a touch of icing sugar just for a touch of elegance.  I could also feel a presence of the Himalayan salt.

A gorgeous round, a pink shaped box is filled with Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel Truffles. Which their taste is heavenly too. Pink Himalayan salt is a finer salt in both quality and purity. Each truffle has a caramel center with their signature pink chocolate exterior, lightly dusted in icing sugar.

I must admit that Charbonnel et Walker Chocolatier has everything in one! The package is perfect inside and outside. The pure taste of luxury which I adore. All photos were taken by me at my home. And I was enjoying every single minute photographing them. After I finished the session I could hardly wait to eat them. But that is another story,… Enjoy! 💝

Charbonnel et Walker white truffles
Charbonnel et Walker little white flowers
Charbonnel et Walker two hearts
Charbonnel et Walker royal
Charbonnel et Walker rose box
Charbonnel et Walker pink box
Charbonnel et Walker beauty sweets
Charbonnel et Walker hearts truffles
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